10 Best Water Parks in Washington

Best Water Parks in Washington

Washington State is known for its stunning natural beauty, lush forests, and massive mountains. When the weather is warm, nothing’s better than refreshing yourself with a refreshing swim in an aquatic park. It’s good that Washington is full of great water parks catering to any taste and age.  From exciting water slides to waves and […]

15 Best Waterfalls In West Virginia 

Best Waterfalls In West Virginia

Looking for the best best waterfalls in West Virginia? West Virginia is generally known for its decades-old coal mine industry, but everyone knows this state is more than just coal mining. Having both nature and industries is very unlikely, and West Virginia is home to both.  Apart from state and national parks, this place has […]

15 Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

The Philippines can be a paradise for travelers due to many different reasons. The rich history and culture, as well as the variety of delicious foods, gorgeous people, an abundance of attractions, and plenty of natural wonders you can explore. The proud nation of people of Filipino inhabitants is the home of some of the […]

25 Best Waterfalls In California

Best Waterfalls In California

Are you also a seeker of adventure? Are you looking for your next thrilling experience? Look no further than California.  It is an exotic place for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Do you love chasing waterfalls? The magnificent waterfalls of California are going to take your breath away. The beauty of waterfalls lies not only […]

15 Best Waterfalls In Maine

Best Waterfalls In Maine

Maine is a place of contrasts where tradition meets modernity. Past and present exist together in harmony.  It’s a place where the sea meets the mountains, and the forests stretch for miles. The coastline is dotted with historic lighthouses standing tall against the crashing waves. The air is salty and crisp and carries around the […]

15 Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Popular for its beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and vibrant soccer culture. Brazil is also an exotic and wild nation that has plenty to offer in the form of natural beauty. It’s also the home of the Amazon River and rainforests. Amazon River and rainforests, along with Brazil’s heavy annual rainfall and dramatic shifts in elevation, […]

15 Best Waterfalls In Texas

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Non-Texans usually associate the Lone Star State with a desert landscape and vast open fields, which is far from true. Texas has extreme diversity, and there is a surprising number of natural beauty in and around the state. Waterfalls, however, are a rare sight to see in Texas, but for most waterfalls, most waterfalls are […]

15 Must-Visit Hidden Waterfalls Near Las Vegas

waterfalls near las vegas

It’s true that Nevada is the driest place in the entire United States, which is made up of mostly desert regions and semi-arid climate regions. So, many people generally do not expect waterfalls in Nevada. If we see Las Vegas in particular, many people would expect the same that there might not be many waterfalls near […]

9 Best Places To Visit In Thanedar

Places To Visit In Thanedar

Thanedar is a beautiful apple orchard city in Himachal Pradesh. It is the only place in India where apple cultivation was first started. The scenic beauty makes it a charming place for nature lovers. This offbeat travel destination is worth a visit if you like to spend time in peace away from the crowd. You […]

15 Most Instagrammable Waterfalls To Visit In 2023

Most Instagrammable Waterfalls To Visit

“For men may come and men may go But I go on forever” —-Alfred Lord Tennyson These are the famous lines from the poem “The Brook,” and I guess the words the post has chosen to describe the brook can be easily used to describe a waterfall.  Yes, I am talking about the never-ending cascade […]

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