unexplored hill stations near Chandigarh

Top 7 Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to leave your current setting and go out for exploration. Hill stations provide an excellent opportunity to find a connection with nature.  However, that could quickly turn sour with highly popular Hill stations because of overcrowding and other degrading effects that would come with it. High

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best trekking places in India

10 Best Trekking Places In India

Are you planning an adventurous trip or just want to explore some new mountain peaks? India’s diverse nation is always an excellent choice for trekking lovers because it is easy to find the best trekking places in India. The trekking places in India are spread across the country, but the

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unexplored hill stations in Himachal Pradesh

Top 7 Unexplored Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh

Have you already been to Himachal Pradesh? Or you are bored with the already explored places and looking forward to visiting a place to beat the heat. Himachal Pradesh is the place that will always remain less explored as there are so many hill stations and unexplored locations one can

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top 5 hill stations in Karnataka

Top 5 Hill Stations In Karnataka

Top 5 Hill Stations In karnataka India is a vast country and it has several places to explore and revel in. You’ll be able to explore tons of places with beaches, hills, mountains, nature, etc. You can explore places according to your taste. If you are a beach lover you

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