7+ Prettiest Waterfalls In San Antonio

waterfalls in san Antonio

Have you ever been to Texas in the United States? Or are you planning to visit it? Once you reach there, you will realize how it is a rare sight to explore.

Texas is undoubtedly a very big state; hence, only a handful of waterfalls tumble throughout Texas. 

When you plan to visit waterfalls near san Antonio, the waterfalls aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind, but yes, it is probably the most amazing thing that should be added to your itinerary when you visit Texas. 

Some of the waterfalls in Texas are worth swimming down the hole and are perfect for escaping that hot, windy air of Texas.

Some common waterfalls in Texas, such as Gorman falls and Pedernales Falls, provide you with all the reasons to visit them.

So, if you are visiting Texas, make sure you also see these amazing picturesque destinations of waterfalls and make your trip memorable. 

In this article, we have included 7+ prettiest waterfalls in San Antonio for you to visit while in San Antonio. Make sure to read in-depth about each of them:

Most stunning Waterfalls in Texas, San Antonio!

Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in San Antonio. Make sure to visit them to make your trip even more memorable and happening:

Wichita Falls

waterfalls in San Antonio

If you are around the town of Wichita Falls, then you should visit this waterfall. It is one of the most amazing artificial waterfalls in Texas; hence, it would bring peace to you.

Wichita Falls is located at a distance of 2 kilometres from Dallas. Therefore, this is an amazing destination to make your trip memorable as it adds fun and frolic. 

Please complete this weekend getaway when in Texas, as, during this time, the crowd over here doubles up, and it is all so brightening over here. 

To be precise, Wichita Falls is located in a city park, Lucy Park surrounding the Wichita River.

You won’t have difficulty finding the waterfall as you have to follow the Wichita river trail from Lucy Park. You will surely make the most of your time here at Wichita Falls. 

Dolan Falls

waterfalls in San Antonio

Dolan Falls is also regarded as Devils River; hence, it is one of the prettiest rivers in Texas.

Those fond of fishing and kayaking probably mark their presence at this river as this has crystal clear water, which doubles up the fun of these activities.

Moreover, this waterfall is nestled in Texas Hill country. To your knowledge, the land on both sides of the Dolan River is private property, and trespassing can lead you to a serious issue.

Just remain on the natural side of the river and make the most of your time. 

Blue Hole Park

waterfalls near san Antonio
Image Credit – commons.wikimedia.org

Blue hole park is known to be one of the widest waterfalls in San Antonio, and that is why people from all over the world especially come to gaze at it.

Moreover, this is one of the best places for swimmers as it features a popular swimming area carved into the area’s limestone.

The water here is green which excites and attracts you to jump in. It is nestled in Georgetown; hence, this is one of the most beautiful places to be chosen for weekend getaways in Texas. 

Cattail Falls

waterfalls in San Antonio
Image Credit – Flick.com

While it can be difficult to reach Cattail Falls, once you’re here, you won’t want to leave this ultra-amazing destination.

It is located in the Chisos Mountains, so for those who love adventure hikes, Cattail Falls is the best to visit. You would be wondering why the name “Cattail” is given to this waterfall.

Upon arrival at this beautiful waterfall, you will get your answer as the falls provide the impression of Cattails. 

Moreover, before arriving at this waterfall, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the area surrounding this waterfall has black bears, so get all your stuff to escape them. Also, bring sturdy hiking shoes to avoid falls or injuries. 

Window Trail

waterfalls in San Antonio

Window Trail is another waterfall in Texas that requires a huge rainfall to flow; hence this is located in Big Bend National Park.

Moreover, Big Bend is one of Texas’s best places to visit. Even if you don’t see the waterfall, worry not; the destination is a huge gemstone to explore.

You can still have a great time here at the Big Bend National Park, even if you do not see any waterfalls in Texas near San Antonio.

But you should know that the rocks are sloppy and smooth, so it’s better to approach with extreme caution.

Upper and Lower Falls

waterfalls in San Antonio

Upper and Lower falls are located at McKinney Falls State Park near Austin. It makes people jump for joy by offering them a day of swimming and fishing in the state park.

But it is to be noted that before you head towards the Upper and Lower Falls at McKinney falls, you need a reservation to enter by paying an entry fee. Once you enter the fall, the hike to the fall will be just a mile away from you. 

Krause Springs

waterfalls near san Antonio

Another popular swimming area for swimmers lies in Texas, which can be found at Krause Springs in Spicewood. This waterfall is Located 30 miles away from the west of Austin, and you must visit this destination at least once in your lifetime.

It also offers you an opportunity to camp at a beautiful campground, so you can enjoy camping with your friends in this beautiful scenic environment. 

Hamilton Pool Waterfall

waterfalls near san Antonio

Another best Texas waterfall lies in downtown Austin in the name of Hamilton Pool Waterfall. You must have heard about Hamilton pool as this is a popular destination, giving every reason to the visitor to visit this amazing place.

Although this is not the tallest waterfall, it keeps people from flocking to the dripping springs. 


From artificial to natural waterfalls, these are always amazing. Texas is a place that not just offers a huge variety of waterfalls but also offers cleanliness so that visitors can enjoy their time at this fantastic destination.

Moreover, if you think this place is best for you and defines the person you are, visit it and explore it deeply.

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