15 Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Waterfalls are one of the best gifts from nature to mankind and we should probably never miss an opportunity to witness these wonders. They are a perfect reminder for us to realise that we are so blessed to be able to call this planet earth our home.

New Hampshire is a state already famous for its incredible natural beauty, astonishing wilderness and amazing wildlife. The waterfalls provide beautiful picnic sites, natural swimming pools and wonderful camping spots. One can hike around them and explore as much as they want. 

The waterfall areas are also perfect for families as there are multiple outdoor activities that people can indulge in. Water Parks are one of the best ways to spend your time in nature with families or friends. 

The waterfalls in New Hampshire are so mesmerising that you will always find them occupied. Travellers, families, nature lovers, all come here to take some time off from their busy life. A lot of these waterfalls can be seen from the road itself which makes it easier to not miss upon these beauties. 

There are towering cascades that are hidden deep in the forest and then there are other accessible waterfalls that one can reach in no time. These hidden gems are not only eye appealing but they also leave people stunned.

Here is a list of the 15 best waterfalls in New Hampshire.

Arethusa Falls – Harts 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Arethusa Falls is New England’s tallest single waterfall and comes under the Crawford Notch State Park. The hike to Arethusa Falls is not very difficult but the steep slopes make it a moderate one and the distance is not more than 1.5 miles. The waterfalls unfortunately does not allow swimming for some reasons but there are two other waterfalls located close to Arethusa Falls that have nice pools to cool off in summers. 

Sabbaday Falls 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Sabbaday Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall that goes down the razor thin-gorge in White Mountain Forest. The trail to the waterfall is around 0.6 miles, it is an easy trail but stays busy most of the time. 

Apart from an amazing scenic series of cascades, it also has a crystal clear pool at the middle but unfortunately, swimming is not allowed here. There is enough space near and around the waterfall for camping, picnicking and chilling. 

Nancy Cascades 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Nancy Cascades is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in New Hampshire and comes under the White Mountain National Forest. Its height is around 300 feet which makes it one of the tallest falls in New England. The atmosphere around the falls is serene and the view is absolutely scenic. The trail to reach here is not more than 2.4 miles and it is very easy. There is also a pool at the base of the lower falls.

The falls is named after a woman named Nancy who came here to find her lost fiance in cold winters but couldn’t find him and died with hypothermia in the chilly river. 

Glen Ellis Falls – Jackson 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Glen Ellis is one of the most eye appealing waterfalls in New Hampshire and lies on the Ellis River. The trail to reach the falls is an easy one and it takes only 10 minutes to walk to the falls. There is also free parking available to avoid the crowds. There is a beautiful emerald green pool at the bottom of the falls but swimming is prohibited here. 

One can hike around this place and explore as the wilderness is very fascinating here. 

Crystal Cascade Falls – Pinkham Grant 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

This one is Situated in the beautiful forest environment and it’s height is around 100 feet. Crystal Cascade Falls is sourced by the Ellis River and its trail to reach here is easy and short. 

The area around the falls is quite famous for hiking but not so many people take out time to see the waterfall which makes it a less crowded place. 

Silver Cascade – Harts 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

This one is estimated to be 1000 feet long and gushes down in a series of falls. It joins the Saco river somewhere near the highway. Silver Cascade Falls is located at the far east of Crawford Notch State. One can witness this beauty from parking and the roadside areas as well. The lower part of the cascades is very much accessible and can be reached by just climbing up a little. For a better view, one might have to walk a little to the upper side of the falls. 

Ripley Falls – Harts 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

The trail to Ripley Falls is a little rough and it is 0.6 miles long. The height of the falls is around 100 feet and provides an absolutely gorgeous view. The soothing sounds of the Cascades are no less than Meditation. The area around the falls is good for picnicking and families can visit here in summers as it is a good time for kids. Everything here is bliss and the place is good enough to give a soulful experience. 

Diana’s Baths – Conway 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Diana’s Baths is a series of mini cascades and it is located in the southeastern edge of Barlett. The height of the waterfall is around 80 feet. Many rocks and ledges have been sculpted by the river over the years and it gives a very appealing look. The trail to the cascades is easy and about 0.6 miles long. There is so much to explore around the falls. 

Cloudland’s Falls – Lincoln 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

It is located within the Franconia Notch State Park and the falls is a combination of a series of plunges, horsetails and cascades. The height of Cloudland’s Falls is about 80 feet and is surrounded with a cool yet dense forest which gives you an opportunity to explore the wilderness. 

Jackson falls – Jackson 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Jackson falls is located within the Shawnee National Park and is surrounded by cliffs and rocks. The height of the falls is around 100 feet. The trail to reach the falls is barely 0.1 miles long which makes it easily accessible. One can also see it from the roadside and there is no hiking required unless you want to explore more. It is a perfect getaway for summer picnics and chilling in nature. 

Georgiana Falls – Lincoln 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Georgiana falls under the Second Presidential State Forest and it is a must visit. The Cascade can be easily reached by a 1.3 mile hike from the underpass below Route 93. There is also a beautiful pool at the base of the falls, you can also find some beautiful picnic spots to chill with your friends and family. The hike to the falls is a little rough but you will not regret it once you reach there. 

Avalanche Falls – Franconia 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Avalanche Falls is very popular among tourists and it takes 2 miles walking to reach this gem. The height of the falls is around 45 feet and provides you all the peace and quiet to enjoy nature. You can also try trekking up to the top of the falls to get a better view. You will also witness many other waterfalls near the Avalanche Falls. 

Garfield Falls – Pittsburg 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Garfield Falls is mostly located on private property but with public access granted. It is not very popular but certainly a must visit. It takes only ten minutes to reach here and the height of the falls is around 35 feet. Swimming is allowed here which is one the best parts about this place. One can come here with families or friends, it is a very good place for picnicking and chilling. 

Profile Falls – Bristol 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Profile Falls sits on the Smith River and is a very wide waterfall. The trail to this one is very much accessible and the distance from the main point is around two miles. There is also a pool beneath where swimming is allowed. The size of the falls might leave you astounding and the view is undoubtedly spectacular. 

Beede falls – Sandwich 

Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

Beede falls is a perfect destination for outdoor activities like picnicking. The height of the falls is not much but around 37 feet and the hike to the falls is very easy. It only takes only 10 minutes to reach the falls. The good news is, swimming and fishing both are allowed here, you just need the appropriate licence. So make sure you do visit the beautiful waterfalls and enjoy some time with nature. 

The bottom line 

New Hampshire is basically known as a granite state but it is also famous for so many other things like, incredible scenic views of the mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The white mountains are perfect to witness some of the most gorgeous waterfalls. The hikes to these waterfalls can be a little rough but the beauty they offer is worth the pain. 

Waterfalls in New Hampshire might vary in size, location and accessibility but the energies are almost the same. One can go for picnicking, trekking, hiking and even chilling around these waterfalls. They also provide a nice way to be able to explore the wilderness. 

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