15 Best Waterfalls in Massachusetts

Best Waterfalls in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a tapestry of natural and urban beauty fusing together. The state is located in the northeastern region of the United States of America is a place that exudes both serenity and power. One of the most beautiful parts of this state is its coastline.You can see waves of the Atlantic pounding on the […]

15 Best Cities to Visit In Nepal

Best Cities to Visit In Nepal

Nepal is an incredible and diverse nation located within South Asia’s Himalayan region, home to eight of the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest.  With lush forests, narrow rivers, sparkling water bodies, vibrant temples, monasteries, shrines and other historical landmarks, Nepal is an eclectic blend of cultures and ethnic groups. When you arrive in Nepal, […]

15 Best Waterfalls In Jamaica

Best Waterfalls In Jamaica

Taino ancestors of Jamaica called it “Land with Wood and Water” and not for nothing. Jamaica is famous in the Caribbean region for its Reggae music and tasty Caribbean cuisine such as Jamaican patties.  Everything can be found here in Jamaica, from stunning beaches to beautiful rainforests, not to mention three dozen or so waterfalls! […]

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