15 Fun Places In Delhi For Youngsters

fun places in Delhi for youngsters

Are you looking for some amazing and fun places in Delhi for youngsters? Being in Delhi is in itself a fun thing. If you are landing in Delhi for the first time, you might have already imagined your trip full of fun. 

If you are visiting Delhi with your friends or loved ones, there are various fun-filled places to visit. Don’t come back without visiting these fun places in Delhi.

Here are the 15 best fun places in Delhi for youngsters:

Apno Ghar Water and Amusement Park

Apno Ghar is the coolest Amusement Park to spend your day with loads of enthusiasm. If you are hunting for fun places in Delhi, Apno Ghar won’t disappoint you. Taking the thrilling rides and enjoying the water park activities will make your day.

To enjoy in Apno Ghar, keep your whole day reserved, or two. There are plenty of activities to do here. The place is great when you visit with your crazy and fun-loving friends. 

The Delhi Eye Ride

Delhi Eye Ride actually justifies its name. It is a giant wheel. And by giant wheel, it means a real giant wheel. Gigantic one. If you are afraid of heights or something, this place is not for you.

This Delhi Eye Ride goes to such a height that you can see Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and many other places. 

It is very similar to the London Eye. You will encounter an enormous thrill in here. Yet speciality of the ride is that it has AC cabins. You can enjoy your ride sitting inside and witnessing the amusing view from its highest altitude. 

The Ambience Mall

The fun place where you can play, eat and shop all at once. If you are a fan of bowling, the Ambience Mall is for you. The mall is especially known for its bowling game. 

It has such an ambient environment that makes you relate to its name. You are sure to enjoy your day playing in the mall. Moreover, the food at this place is also known for its deliciousness. 

At the Ambient mall, you can have fun with your mates both in its game zone and food zone. And it would be more than enough to spend the entire day nicely.  It is truly one of the best fun places in Delhi for youngsters.

The Kingdom of Dreams

I wouldn’t be emphasizing it if I tell you, this kingdom will match your dream kingdom. No matter which state or culture you belong to. You are sure to find your lost dreams in here. 

This place has so many fun activities to do. There won’t be a minute when you are not having anything to do worth your while here. 

Also, there is a cinema hall inside the kingdom. The movie is played on the screens during the evening time. But the experience of watching any movie that you will find here will be unmatched. 

It is a must-visit place for art lovers. If you are an introvert, you can even enjoy this place alone or with your partner. It has so much to get lost in and to have fun. 

The Garden of Five Senses

This garden is one of the best fun places in Delhi for youngsters and couples. If you just want to soak in the natural beauty, there is no place so quiet and so admirable as the Garden of Five Senses.

For a couple, this widespread garden is a bliss. You can simply spend hours and hours just staring at beautiful flowers. 

Even spending time alone in this garden would also be so much fun for you. If you are a nature lover, do visit this place and you won’t resist staying here for a little longer.

Nehru Planetarium

Any person who lands in Delhi will have a certain checklist of places to visit. This Nehru Planetarium is one such thing that doesn’t miss to be on any list. 

The place is quite popular. And actually the things over there are worth it. Our fun places in Delhi for youngsters list have this place on the list for a reason. 

You can have immense fun gazing at stars. Spending the quality time with your loved ones is the fun that you can only do at this place. The place is quiet and lovely. You are sure to have fun watching a show here. 

The Mystery Rooms

If you are all set for adventures, you need to explore this place. This is like a live game. You will be entering a place full of mysteries. 

You are given a mission to fulfil. And you are playing it all by yourself. The room is like a game environment everywhere around. 

You are sure to have loads of fun at this place. The place is ideal if you are going with friends who are equally interested in the game. People who are not interested in the game will have to get bored outside the room.

The Paintball Co

It is another physical game for adventure enthusiasts. These physical game places are the real fun places in Delhi for youngsters. 

Who doesn’t want to have an adventure?  Especially when you are planning a fun trip to Delhi. You Should never miss such physical game places.

The paintball is amazing game terrain. Wherein you are playing a live game physically. The games are real-time and interactive.

Drizzling World

Drizzling World has a number of adventure activities. If you are travelling to Delhi in summer seasons, you are bound to visit a water park as a need, more than fun. 

Whatever the reason may be, Drizzling World is the cool place to have fun. The fun places in Delhi for youngsters are those which are filled with adventure and cool sports. The Drizzling world is exactly such a place.

In Drizzling World, you actually get rid of Delhi’s burning temperature, and  have your fun along. This amusement park is filled with everything that you are looking up to have fun.

IMF Moti Bagh

If you are a person with so much thirst for the thrill, Moti Bagh is the place to quench your thirst. It has an adventure activity of mountain and wall climbing.

With a group of friends who are equally interested in such kinds of adventures, you will not find a place better than IMF Moti bagh. 

It is very fun making places for thrilling minds. If you are the kind of person who can’t keep calm, you got to visit IMF Moti Bagh.

Jantar Mantar

Ideal for nature lovers. The place has an architecture that predicts sun and moon faces. Such infrastructural beauty makes Jantar Mantar a fun place in Delhi.  

Jantar Mantar is very popular throughout India. This place marks special significance in History. Hence the people with interest in historic places, will find this place very much near and dear to them. 

If you are already familiar with the history and the events that took place on this Jantar Mantar ground, then you will surely get lost here. 

Agrasen Ki Baoli

This place is fun for those who want to have space for themselves. If you simply want to sit and chit chat, there would be no other place better than this.

The place has been seen in many movies too. So in case, you are keen on photography or videography, you will know – in which movie and where this place was shot and how.

Even history lovers will spend a long time here. This place is good for those who don’t want to have any sort of adventures but would rather love to hear about the adventures of their ancestors. 

Kitty SU The Hippest Disco in Town

If you want to have fun dancing and partying all night, Disco in Town is for you. Actually, for partying, Delhi has many more fun places for you. 

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best fit for you. Kitty SU is known for its tattoo parlour. You can actually relax and have fun here. 

The place is ideal for a weekend or like the farewell fun place in Delhi. You can visit this place just before leaving. So you will have all the travel tiredness lost here. 


Chattarpur is one more physical gaming zone. There are actually various such gaming zones in Delhi, but the ones which are more thrilling are very few.

According to your taste, you can choose the gaming zone. Also, the location of such places will matter to you if you are planning a trip accordingly.

This game zone is alike to other physical gaming zones with the best paintball experience. Choose your fun place depending on their locations.

Codebreak 60

If you are a sort of adventure coder,  this is for you. The one who is studious and loves coding to such an extent that he can challenge himself to break the code, this is for you.

Fun is actually different for everyone. And codes are not nightmary for everyone. A few might not find this codebreak 60 a fun place because it is a thrilling and challenging experience.

Ideal only for confident coders.

Bottom Line

There are a lot more fun places in Delhi for Youngsters. In fact, there are so many options to have fun in Delhi for Youngsters that your trip will fall short. If you found our list of 15 fun places in Delhi for youngsters useful, then please share it with your friends and loved ones who are planning a trip to Delhi.

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