15 Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

The Philippines can be a paradise for travelers due to many different reasons. The rich history and culture, as well as the variety of delicious foods, gorgeous people, an abundance of attractions, and plenty of natural wonders you can explore.

The proud nation of people of Filipino inhabitants is the home of some of the most intriguing natural wonders, from stunning beaches to magnificent mountains as well as caves, forests, and rivers. A daring man will surely have his hands full.

In all of these natural wonders, a single body of water captivates the attention of numerous travelers from all over the world each and every time. The good news is that the Philippines has plenty of waterfalls scattered nationwide!

Something about waterfalls in the Philippines could inspire anyone to fall in love. The beauty of the waterfall from afar is something, but getting the opportunity to actually go swimming and diving into one is an experience you’ll never forget.

Here are the 15 best waterfalls in the Philippines.

Tinuy-an Falls

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On top of this list are some of the adored waterfalls not just in the Philippines but also all over the world! With the name “The Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines” due to the iconic four-tier drop of water and its four-tier drop, the Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao del Sur is definitely a sight to behold!

The waterfall measures 95 meters in width and 180 feet tall. In addition to admiring its stunning splendor, there are plenty of things to do while visiting Tinuy-an Falls, such as swimming and riding the infamous bamboo raft that draws you closer to the water’s curtain. The falls also include natural pools that allow visitors to have a quick dip anytime they wish.

Limunsudan Falls

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If you consider 900 feet a large waterfall, visiting Limunsudan Falls in the waterfall-rich Iligan City region should be on your list of things to do.

Some believe the Limunsudan Falls are the largest, while others say there are bigger falls. No matter what, the falls are impressive enough to be impressive in any case.

The falls are made up of two distinct levels, and because of their remote and difficult geographical location, they’re not even on the radar of most tourists.

Tinago Falls

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Iligan City is famous for its waterfalls. Among the other cities, Tinago Falls is one of the most picturesque and frequently visited. The falls are located within the Agust River on the Philippines island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines. 

Tinago Falls consists of five separate falls called tiers and extend up to 240 feet above the vegetation and make them appear as an undiscovered remnant that dates back to a long time ago.

Tinago Falls is steeped in local legends that are macabre. However, it’s not a tiny bit once you’ve seen the sparkling pool beckoning to you below the spherical falls.

Kaparkan Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

The Back-Up North region is another hidden gem in the gorgeous Abra province. This stunning tourist attraction draws the attention and hearts of many local tourists and even well-known tourists worldwide. Kaparkan Falls is a must-see for all visitors. Kaparkan Falls is a unique beauty of nature, in which crystal clear streams of water cascade down several layers of limestone structures.

 The view is so amazing that it’s not a surprise to sense that you’re on a journey toward the middle of the earth.

This beautiful spot located in Abra was only discovered in the year 2015. Therefore, expect that Kaparkan Falls is still unspoiled and pristine.

Hulugan Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

One of the very few waterfalls that are easy to access, especially for those situated near Metro Manila, is the Hulugan Falls of Laguna. This is one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines. It’s a popular destination not just because of its accessibility but also due to its stunning beauty. It’s also a great choice for tourists since the hike from Hulugan Falls only usually takes about 30 minutes. Many people love visiting the waterfall due to its stunning beauty. Streams of water flow down a large ledge of the mountains.

But the forests surrounding San Salvador, Laguna, have plenty of treasures to offer to those who are adventurous like you! While there, you must also check out two other popular waterfalls close by The Talay Falls and the Hidden Falls. Both are amazing, so do not miss out on this golden chance!

Pagsanjan Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Another well-known cascade is Pagsanjan Falls, near Cavatini in the Laguna Province. One of the most popular attractions, the three-tiered waterfall, can be reached via an indigenous dugout canoe, or, if it sounds too extreme, you can climb up and out of Cavatini.

If you choose the first option, make sure to inquire about recommendations because you’ll require a knowledgeable guide to get you inside and out safely.

The highest point of the falls is almost 400 feet. The canyon, the falls, and the surrounding areas were declared National Parks in the 1970s.

Seven Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

If you have guessed that Seven Falls is seven falls in one, you earn extra points. In Lake Sebu, Seven Falls is a must for anyone who wants to take a short excursion to the natural world without getting away from the usual route.

The entire region has a fascinating history as well as indigenous culture. The trek to the waterfalls isn’t that difficult.

Some of the sections of the falls can be accessed because of the impassable forest and rocks. However, you’ll be able to view them all, and the sections you can access will give you plenty of space to relax, swim and enjoy the scenery.

Inambakan Falls 

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Within South Cebu, near the town of Ginatilan, are the frequently overlooked Inambakan Falls. In an area commonly recognized for its marine-related activities, such as swimming, diving, or whale watching, many people have a clue about the treasure just in front of them.

From 100 feet in height, The aquamarine waters drop into a deep pool deep enough to allow great swimming.

The falls are located in the park, so there’s no cost to enter; once you’re there, the falls can be easily accessible within a 10-minute walk from the park’s entry point.

Kabigan Waterfalls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

This town in Pagudpud is known as having one of the most stunning white beaches in the Philippines; however, it’s also not an isolated one-trick pony.

A stunning waterfall that’s almost 100 feet high. It’s another natural beauty that should not be missed in the vicinity.

The pool located at the fall’s base is a peaceful area perfect for swimming or picnics or a leisurely afternoon of reading a good book.

Maria Cristina Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Iligan City is known as The City of Majestic Falls, and for the reason that it is. If you’ve been watching the city’s name, it will ring a bell since it’s the home of most of the Philippines’ waterfalls.

The falls rise over 300 feet above the canopy of trees and the Agus River below; the falls are commonly called Twin Falls because a rock at the base divides the waters into two streams distinct from each other.

Due to strong currents as well as the hydroelectric plant that is nearby, swimming is prohibited. The waterfalls are stunning when the operator allows flowing water without restriction.

Asik-Asik Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

The next place we’ll visit is the Province of Cotabato. Asik-Asik Falls is another hidden treasure discovered only in the last few years! The legend says that the waterfall was only discovered in the year 2010 due to curious individuals who had reported that a specific mountain discharge was dumping water into the river. It is believed by locals that the sequence of natural catastrophes caused the waterfall to be discovered.

The view from the Asik-Asik Falls is breathtaking. It’s like looking at a gigantic chunk of green rock that is swollen with water! The water then cascades into a beautiful pile of rocks along the stream, which makes the scene all the more impressive.

Kawasan Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

From the outstanding representative of Mindanao, We are now going to head into the Visayas! It is located in the very heart of the “Queen City of the South” It is a natural wonder known as”the Kawasan Falls. It is a multi-layered waterfall situated at the foot of the famed Mantalongon Mountain Range.

No surprise that Kawasan Falls was a favored tourist attraction for tourists from both the local and international world. Kawasan Falls has been the ideal spot for those from Cebu who want to escape the bustle and hustle of city life while enjoying the amazing natural beauty of their home city.

Lulugayan Falls 

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

One of the most talked about waterfalls in the Province of Samar and also sporting the moniker “Mini Niagara Falls,” is nothing less than Lulugayan Falls! What sets it apart from other waterfalls in the nation is its jaw-dropping size. The waterfall’s width is a staggering 50 meters, and the highest drop is about 30 meters in height. 

Additionally, the waters that cascade down the ledges are extremely powerful, and that’s the reason why the area is awash with water! Lulugayan Falls Lulugayan Falls is located near the city’s center, which is why the local department of government was able to make it the primary tourist destination in the province. The roads leading to the falls have been constructed and paved, so getting to the Lulugayan Falls has never been simpler!

Alalum Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

The trek up to Alalum Falls near Sumilao in the northwest region of the country can give you the feeling of exploring an unexplored trail across an unexplored area of the Amazon Rainforest or interior of Africa.

Around 150 feet high in height, the falls are hidden within the lush greenery of the forest that surrounds them. The falls run in a steady stream toward an underground pool.

There’s a man-made viewing area that gives visitors an unobstructed view of the landscape and falls. If you’re looking for more of a look and would like to build to a smooth lather, there’s a fairly modern and straightforward set of steps leading down to the base of the falls.

Mimbalot Falls

Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Iligan City and the surrounding area of Mindanao attract eco-tourists and adventurers who want to connect with nature and escape the beaten track.

Mimbalot Falls are just one of the many waterfalls in the area. They are in the Iligan Paradise Resort.

The resort’s private guests can take guided tours of the falls and zip-lining, as well as a regular swimming pool if that’s to your taste. Walking along the waterfalls is fine; however, the rocks can be slippery and dangerous, which is why it’s not recommended for young children or people who are older.


In conclusion, it is true that the Philippines has some of the world’s most breathtaking and stunning waterfalls in all the world. From the majestic Tinuy-an 

Falls up to the tranquil Pagsanjan Falls, every waterfall is unique in its beauty and appeal. If you’re an avid adventurer or nature lover, a visit through these falls is bound to leave you amazed and amazed by the amazing natural beauty that the Philippines offers. Take your bags with you and grab your camera, and set out to discover the top 15 Waterfalls in the Philippines for an unforgettable experience!

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