15 Best Waterfalls In Texas

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Non-Texans usually associate the Lone Star State with a desert landscape and vast open fields, which is far from true. Texas has extreme diversity, and there is a surprising number of natural beauty in and around the state.

Waterfalls, however, are a rare sight to see in Texas, but for most waterfalls, most waterfalls are found in the Texas Hill Country, near the central part of the state. Other displays of seasonal waterfalls can be seen across the state after heavy rainfall.

This article will help you find and explore picturesque places in the Lone Star State with a list of the 15 best waterfalls in Texas.

Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Hamilton pool waterfall is a perennial waterfall. It is a 50-foot waterfall. The water tumbles down from Hamilton creek into a beautiful pool below.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a very popular destination and a famous outdoor spot. The pool receives a large crowd throughout the summer, and reservations are required to visit. There is an entry fee of $11, and pets are not allowed.

Visitors may take a small trail and hike for about a quarter mile to access the waterfall and the picturesque limestone ghetto.

Swimming is one of the most popular activities at Hamilton Pool which can be suspended after heavy rain.

Gorman Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Gorman falls is a beautiful but isolated waterfall in Texas. The water tumbles down from 60-70 feet and is also very wide. It is located in Colorado Bend State Park, one of Texas’s best state parks. 

To reach the falls, the visitors must take a good hike of about 3 miles round trip. The terrain leading up to the falls is a typical hill country hike: rocky and without much shade. Featuring plenty of limestone and cacti, the trail can be slippery and muddy during the rainy season.   

The trail to the falls is well-marked and is made easy to navigate. 

Westcave Preserve Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Westcave waterfall is located between the Hamilton Pool Waterfall and Pedernales Falls and is only available to be visited through a guided tour. 

Hence, reservations are highly recommended.

The water falls through a limestone crevice from 40 feet and into a pool and grotto at the bottom. The limestone deposits create a truly magical view. 

Visitors can enjoy a guided photography hike, forest bathing, yin yoga, and a silent grotto hike for a Zen experience. 

Tours depend highly on the weather, and the fees are $15 for adults. An annual pass, however, will be more economical if you visit often.

Boykin Springs in Angelina National Forest

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Boykin Springs on Boykin Creek is a small waterfall that stands only a few feet above the ground. The falls are a part of the Neches River. 

The attraction of this waterfall is not the fall itself but the tranquil forests and the sound of the moving water that feels like music to the ears of nature lovers.

This consistent waterfall requires a 6.5 miles round trip hike on the Sawmill trail. The trail gains an elevation of 190 feet.

There are primitive camping sites and picnic shelters. The visitors are allowed to swim and fishing in the lakes. 

Pets are allowed only if they are leashed.

Windows Trail

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Windows trail is a hiking trail located in the Big Bend National Park. The intensity of the waterfall depends upon the rainfall. But when it’s active, the water falls from a height of 220 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in Texas.

The trail takes the visitors to the top of a natural waterfall. Windows trail is one of the area’s best-traversed and most popular hiking trails. It ultimately leads to a creek that runs into the Rio Grande.

The hike comprises a 5-mile round trip and offers spectacular views of the valley and mountain below. The elevation gained by the hike is a massive 948 feet, but the hike is still considered moderate.

Wichita Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

This waterfall is a man-made wonder. The 54-foot drop was created when the river running through Lucy park was adapted with rocks.

There is also a bridge in front of the falls that you can walk across. This bridge gives an outstanding view of these man-made falls.

The fall has several smaller segments and has walking paths and stairs running alongside. This helps visitors admire the beautiful landscape without struggling with rigorous hikes. Large boulders and pieces of wood add to the beauty of the scenery. The falls are widely used as a wedding venue.

Pedernales Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Pedernales falls is fed by the Pedernales River. 

The waterfall lacks height but still provides a magnificent view of the limestone rock formations. 

These rocks create several shallow pools.

Visitors can hike for 0.5 miles to visit the falls.

The fast-flowing stream of water offers several water activities to the visitors, like tubing. Visitors can also go hiking, fishing, swimming, and camping in the neighboring areas. 

The entry fee is only $6 per person, and the park is accessible 24×7.

Capote Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

This is one of the falls on private property in Marfa and requires permission to walk to the falls. 

The height of the falls is 180 feet. It’s a 2-mile round trip hike to the foot of the falls and back.

Visitors are allowed a helicopter flight for a different and adventurous view of the scenery.

From the bird’s eye, the water cascading down the rocks into the pool below looks stunning.

Beef Creek Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Beef Creek falls located in Hog Creek, near Sam Rayburn. It is a pleasant waterfall where the water tumbles from 15 feet. 

The falls are on private land and hence require prior permission to walk through the trails. East Texas Timber Company owns the land and allows only a guided tour.

Cattail Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

The falls got its name from its appearance, much like Cattails. Cattails falls on the Chisos Mountains inside Big Bend National Park and tumble almost 80 feet.

To reach the falls, the visitors must undergo a tough hike of about five miles round trip on the Cattail Falls Trail. The hike begins in the desert and ultimately reaches a thick oasis.

Look out for wild animals and fragile environments.

Krause Springs

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Some people may consider it a spring, but the largest cascade in the spring is worth the watch. The spring is surrounded by lush green forests filled with ferns and Cyprus. 

The falls lead to steam which ultimately leads to a swimming hole. The swimming hole is part of a campground. 

It costs $8 for adults and $5 for children.

The hike to the falls is a 3-mile round trip. You can also explore the nearby caves and butterfly gardens.

Dolan Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Dolan falls inside Devils River Nature Preserve and requires special permission to visit. The preserve protects it, and they are trying to lower the impact of tourists on the natural beauty.

The hike to the falls is difficult to traverse. The water tumbles off the rocks from a height of 10 feet.

The remote location of the falls offers an excellent opportunity for wild and natural adventure.

If you want to view the falls without permission, you must stay on the river. You may need to paddle down the river, which is adventurous in its own way.

Madrid Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Madrid falls 100 feet tall, making it the tallest publicly accessible waterfall in Texas. 

The 3-mile round trip hike looks moderate but challenging due to the rough and rugged terrain.

Seasonal hikers may like the challenge, but most require a drive to reach the falls.

The water tumbles into a calm and serene pool at the bottom.

The falls are less crowded than similar locations and are a good escape for someone looking for quiet time in the lap of nature.

Mexicano Falls

Best Waterfalls In Texas

Located near Madrid Falls, Mexicano falls 80 feet high. This is the third-highest waterfall in Texas. 

Located inside the Big Bend Ranch State Park, the falls can be viewed from the foot of a small mountain called Ojito Adentro. 

You can take a 1 mile-long trail to the canyon for a better and up close view. 

McKinney Falls State Park

Best Waterfalls In Texas

McKinney Falls is a short waterfall but definitely one of the best swimming holes in the Lone Star State. It is a part of the state park of McKinney Falls State Park.  

The flow of the fall is strongest after the rain. Two rivers, Williamson and Onion Creek, come together at the falls.

The park has two upper and lower falls that run over limestone rocks, and visitors will have to hike around 700 feet to reach the falls.

The park fee is only $6.


In the vast landscape of Texas, there are several landforms like the desert, oasis, thick vegetation cover, and waterfalls. Some waterfalls are developed on private property, while others are on public land. Depending upon which, you may or may not require a permit to visit.

These 15 best waterfalls in Texas were selected based on their popularity and accessibility. However, there are others that you can explore to satiate your adventurous bones.

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