15 Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Popular for its beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and vibrant soccer culture. Brazil is also an exotic and wild nation that has plenty to offer in the form of natural beauty.

It’s also the home of the Amazon River and rainforests. Amazon River and rainforests, along with Brazil’s heavy annual rainfall and dramatic shifts in elevation, make Brazil home to numerous waterfalls. Below is a list of 15 famous waterfalls in Brazil.

Iguazu Falls 

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

It is located in the Iguazu National Park on the boundary of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu National Park waterfalls, which number over 300, are reputed to have the highest water flows of any falls in the entire globe.

It is situated near the town of Curitiba, which is the capital city of the Brazilian state of Parana. The waterfalls are accessible from both countries, but most are on the Argentinian side.

The park is designated as a UNESCO-recognized site because of the falls’ beauty and ecological importance. The waterfalls and the national park are popular spots for visitors to the two South American countries.

Cachoeira das Almas Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Within the Tijuca National Park, between Rio de Janeiro and Freguesia, Cachoeira das Almas Waterfall is located deep in the Tijuca Forest.

Near the park’s entrance, there is a tourist information guide that provides an overview of the region, hiking trails, and other things to do.

The region is well known for its stunning waterfalls, as well as for its natural beauty and the tooth-like, jagged rock formation, which is one of the most attractive in the area and the topic of a great deal of local folklore.

Tabuleiro Waterfall

Tabuleiro Waterfall

Many waterfall enthusiasts consider it to be the most captivating and stunning of Brazil’s numerous falls; Tabuleiro Waterfall is found in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, in the central part of the country’s east, located on the South Atlantic Coast.

With a drop of almost 700 feet, a lot of the water is dissolved into a stunning spray before hitting the bottom of the pool.

The third highest of Brazil’s waterfalls, it’s located in the Espinhaco Mountains and is best accessible with a guide professional who is available to hire in nearby towns as well as at the park’s main office.

Salto Sao Francisco Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

With a height of nearly 1,000 feet and flowing over the imposing semicircular rock ledge, Salto Sao Francisco Waterfall is another one to see when visiting Parana, the Brazilian Parana state. Parana.

Because of its awe-inspiring size and the wind which rips through the water that falls, most of the water melts before it can reach the bottom of the pool and then covers the area with an impressive and beautiful fog.

The falls should be reached by an experienced local guide, as the roads that lead into the park are dangerous and not the best place for visitors with rental cars.

There’s also a walk from the parking area up to the falls, which are moderately strenuous but provides numerous viewing spots where you can view the falls in all their glory.

Garganta del Diablo Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

The Big Devil is known as ‘The Devil’s Throat Falls in Garganta del Diablo and certainly gets points for having the most vivid and terrifying name.

It is distinctive for the three streams which join together to create the waterfall. There are numerous trails that lead to various spots to view the falls and even an elevated cable bridge where you’ll be sprayed with falling mist and then be awed by the sound.

The falls and the park are accessible from both the Brazilian or Argentinian sides. It is recommended to visit them between April to May or from September to November when it is possible.

Buracao Fall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

At almost 300 feet in height, Buracao Falls is another spectacular waterfall in a land full of waterfalls.

It’s situated within the Diamantina Mountains near the town of Ibicoara, located in the Brazilian State of Bahia, located in Brazil’s northeast across its Atlantic coastline.

While the falls are certainly one of the main tourist attractions, there are accessible caves and waterfalls that are located in the region. Some of them offer the opportunity to explore, swim and photograph opportunities you’ll never be able to revisit.

Santo Izidro Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

With a height of almost 250 feet. Santo Isidro Waterfall is situated inside the Serra da Mantiqueira National Park within the Mantiqueira Mountains, which span three Brazilian states.

About equidistant between Sao Paulo and Paraty, it can be accessed in one day. However, it’s best to take an overnight trip since Paraty is a destination you’ll want to visit because of its charming atmosphere and colonial buildings that make it a perfect relaxing coastal town.

Smoke Falls

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

Smoke Falls can be found inside the Chapada Diamantina region of the state of Bahia on the central-east coast of the South Atlantic.

Translated from English, the “Cachoeira Da Fumaca,” also known as Smoke Falls – towers nearly 800 feet in the Brazilian sky before crashing back to the ground below.

The name is derived from the clouds that surround the falls. When the water drops, it is frequently swept away by powerful winds, which transform into a fine fog-like mist that gives the waterfall an ethereal appearance.

Salto do Rio Preto Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

One of the most important attractions for those who visit this park is Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park located in the Brazilian state of Goias The Salto do Rio Preto Waterfall isn’t exactly the most accessible.

The trail leading to the waterfalls is nearly 6 kilometers, although there are many other picturesque rivers nearby where you can stop for a bite to eat or plunge.

At more than 400 feet high and surrounded by mostly unspoiled forests, these falls make the hike worthwhile. Chances that you won’t need to contend with crowds, even if you visit during the peak season.

Prumirim Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

The town is situated near the coast of Ubatuba, just a few hundred kilometers to the east of Sao Paulo; Prumirim Waterfall can be viewed as an excursion for a day from any destination.

Another of Brazil’s waterfalls with multiple tiers, and the flow of water can become forceful and risky in the time of rain, and in summer months, it could be a bit overcrowded.

The region is home to a variety of waterfalls. Some are only accessible after long walks, while others are accessible and suitable for families.

Salto Yucuma Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

While some waterfalls are known because of their height, they are not as famous for their width. Salto Yucuma Waterfall is renowned for its width.

It extends nearly 5,000 feet from the side and side of it; this is the largest waterfall in the entire world. It’s hard to notice its tiniest height of 50 feet if you’re trying to navigate from one side to the other.

The falls are located near the town located in Derrubadas located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul; the falls must be at the top of your list If you’re ever in the vicinity.

Pe da Serra Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

About 500 kilometers away from Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia, Pe da Serra Waterfall could be located in a totally different universe.

In the vicinity of Ubatuba, the waterfalls aren’t huge, but they are beautiful. They’re easily accessible from a variety of eateries and hotels that’ll be a relaxing stop after a hard day across the forests.

There are many other natural and historical attractions within the region like those of the Mirante Do Cristo statue of Christ reaching out his arms at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira Mountains; the sight has now become an internationally renowned symbol of the nation of Brazil.

Boca da Onca Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

It is located near the town of Bonito located in Mato Grosso, the nearly 500-foot-high Boca da Onca Waterfall is one of the highest in the region. In English, the name translates to “Jaguar’s mouth,” however, don’t fret; the majority of visitors don’t have to worry about bloodthirsty wild cats.

It’s recommended to book tours in the town, and you’ll have the chance to go to more than just one of the region’s ten waterfalls.

There are trails of different difficulty for all waterfalls, and while they’re all gorgeous, only a few can be used for swimming.

The region is known for its wildlife, its rugged beauty, and the local villages that are scattered throughout the forest, many of which can be visited by numerous excursions.

Veu da Noiva Waterfall

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

With an impressive height of 250 feet and nearly 250 ft high, at nearly 250 feet, the Veu da Noiva Waterfall in the state of Mato Grosso shouldn’t be missed If you’re visiting the area. The park is brimming with natural beauty. The falls have made their path through the rock for a number of years and have created a huge lake that’s a wonderful spot to splash around in.

The pond and falls are located on the Coxipo River, and there are trails that lead from the park office to different accessibility and viewing areas. If you’re not interested in getting your feet wet, There’s an area for viewing not too distant from the parking area.

Caracol Falls

Famous Waterfalls In Brazil

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions in the area is Caracol Falls, which is situated in the charming hamlet of Canela.

The falls are some of the tallest in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, rising to a height of almost 400 feet.

Because of the size of the falls, to appreciate them in their full glory, visitors will have to climb higher than the climb of the Eiffel Tower. If you’re a spirited person with determination, the effort is well worth it.


In conclusion, Brazil is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls on the planet. From the magnificent Iguazu Falls to the picturesque Caracol Falls, each waterfall has its own distinct appeal and beauty.

These natural wonders don’t just give visitors stunning views but also an opportunity for relaxation and adventure. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an adrenaline junkie, or one who wants to get away from the bustle and hustle of urban life, visiting one of these famous waterfalls of Brazil is sure to be an unforgettable trip. Take your luggage and set off to discover the wonders of these amazing natural wonders.

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