15 Best Waterfalls In Rhode Island That Are Worth Visiting

Best waterfalls in rhode island

Being the smallest state in the U.S, Rhode Island is well known for its coastline and beaches.

However, not only for coastlines and beaches but also for some beautiful waterfalls, and these waterfalls are worth visiting.

While some are human-made, others are entirely natural. Human-made ones date back to the industrial era.

Here are the 10 best waterfalls in Rhode island that you got to see and experience:

Wolf Hill Quarry

Wolf Hill Quarry Falls is located in Smithfield and is an incredible sight to watch amidst the bright green moss surrounding it. This waterfall is seasonal, so visiting this place in the spring season after melting of snow is advised.

Also, if there is a period of heavy rain, good water flow can be expected here. This fall is part of a preserve and owned by the Smithfield land trust.

Wolf Hill Quarry falls is accessible via the mountain dale road along a four-mile trail. You can also have a great exploration in the surroundings of the falls.

Blackstone Dam

Blackstone Dam
Blackstone Dam| © Godsendlemiwinks / Wikimedia Commons

The Blackstone Dam, located in the North Smithfield, was constructed during the industrial revolution and played a significant role in supplying power to many industries, including ores and metal products, timber, and leather.

Though the waterfall might not be very high, it is certainly wide, and its width gives beauty to the sight.

With the Blackstone river having a long association with the industry, there is a lot of pollution. Much work has been done to remove the pollution, but it is still a Class C river, meaning that only secondary contact activities are suitable.

It means activities like kayaking and canoeing are suitable and swimming is not at all recommended.

Slater Mill

Located in the Pawtucket, Slater mill is a well known National Historic Site built around the 1790s. Slater mill is one of the first successful cotton spinning mills that is powered by water.

Slater Mill waterfall is significant in visuals, and the area around it has historical significance too. You can either take guided tours of the place or simply be there and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this place.

The 1810 Wilkinson Mill and 1758 Sylvanus Brown House are two historical buildings worth watching near this place.

Slater mill waterfall is sure to provide its visitors with a tremendous overall setting. There are also ghost tours for you to enjoy.

Cascade Brook Falls

While most of the good waterfalls in Rhode island have good width, this waterfall is at a 12-foot height. The waterfall comes in the shape of a horse’s tail falling on the Ken Weber Conservation Area. It is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Rhode Island.

There is also a short one-mile long hike trail to these falls, which is convenient and suitable if you want to go with family.

Be noted that this is a seasonal waterfall, so if you want to see this in full glory, you have to visit this waterfall in spring. Resist any temptation to swim because swimming is not allowed here.

Pawtuxet Falls

It is situated half a mile upstream of where the Pawtuxet River meets the Seekonk River. Pawtuxet Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Rhode Island.

Pawtuxet means “little falls” in the Native American Narragansett. The name has been given both to the falls and the coastal village. 

The waterfall and village are located between the cities of Cranston and Warwick. In order to get the best viewpoint, head to the river banks below the fall.

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is located in Charlestown in a small village of Shannock. As with many other falls, it is also situated on the Pawtucket River.

One can do a lot of activities in this area. If you love exploring, there are many sights to enjoy. The Dam itself is made of stone, and with the water coming up, it makes up for a great scene. You can do canoeing too.

One can see some of the water in the falls running through a channel at a side of the Dam. It was the channel that once powered the mills. The remains of these factories are still visible here.

Roundtop Brook

In islands such as Rhode Island, one can expect fishing to be mainstream. Near a seasonal fishing spot, the Roundtop fishing brook in Burrillville, lies this picturesque and stunning waterfall.

As with other falls, this waterfall is wide too. With the water looking white as it bounces up, you can have some good pictures here. While the fall might be with water most of the time, autumn is generally recommended as an excellent time to visit. 

Lawton Valley Falls

Lawton’s valley waterfall is located in Lawton’s valley, which is not only a site for waterworks but also for mills. It is a natural waterfall, and you can see it occurring downstream of Route 114 below Lawton Valley Reservoir.

Harrisville Falls

This waterfall is located in the small village of Harrisville in the Birrivelle. It is the result of a dam and is located in the heart of town. Harrisville Falls is very well known for its local hiking trails.

The dam was constructed around the 1850s to produce power for the textile industry. If you want to enjoy the visuals, a nearby park is the right place. Sitting by the cafe nearby and listening to the serene sounds is also a good option.

Robin Hollow Pond Falls

Robin Hollow pond falls is one of the best waterfalls in Rhode island. You can see it when you stop on the Cumberland Mills bridge and look down at the retaining gates, which create the pond and release the water.

The gates release the water onto the stone, which gives a white-colored look to the water. Here, you can regularly see visitors and fishermen as there are many series of well-stocked ponds here.

Slater Mill Dam

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Rhode Island, Slater Mill Dam, is steeped in history. The dam is located on the banks of Blackstone River, Pawtucket. Slater Mill is a historic textile mill that was built in the year 1793, and this mill has been repurposed into a museum, educational center, and music venue. The mill was modeled after cotton spinning mills, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

You can have a lovely picnic by the falls and can even tour the restaurants and stores on Main Street.

Kenyon Mill Falls

Almost all the Waterfalls in Rhode Island come with a piece of history attached to them, and Kenyon Mill Falls is no exception. The fall is connected to Kenyon’s Grist Mill, which has been in operation since 1696. The fall is located on a beautiful property, and the mill is the oldest manufacturing business on Rhode Island. Kenyon’s Grist Mill is also known for its Johnny Cake Meal and Clam cake mix, and these dishes are regularly featured on Travel shows. 

The falls are magnificent, and you will fall in love with the beauty of this place. Don’t forget to click some photographs to post on your social media feed. 

Albion Falls

You are unlikely to find Albion Falls in any guide of waterfalls in Rhode Island, and it is stated as a hidden gem located in the town of Lincoln. The fall gets water from the Blackstone River, and like the other falls mentioned, Albion Falls also hosts a dam that was built to supply power to a mill. The dam is quite historic, and it was built in 1916 to power up the Albion Mill. 

Even though the waterfall isn’t very tall or large, the walk through the Blackstone River State Park is worth the adventure. Albion falls is not frequented by tourists; therefore, you can spend a lovely day without being disturbed by onlookers. 

If you are looking for a day with your family in peace, you will not regret a trip down to these falls. The scenic beauty of Blackstone River state park is unmatched. Do not forget to pack your camera to capture all the beauty surrounding you.

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Woonsocket Falls Dam

Woonsocket Village is one of the historical sites around Rhode Island as the village was founded in the 1820s during the peak of the industrial revolution. The village continued to thrive during the period, and the village has many historical views to offer. The dam is built along the Blackstone River, and it is located in Market Square. Woonsocket Falls is the largest waterfall on the Blackstone River, and the old dam from the Industrial Revolution is currently being used for flood control. 

After visiting the dam, you can visit the market square and the museum of work and culture, which contains historical exhibits on mill workers. You can spend a lovely day in the historic city and enjoy the picturesque location.

White Rock Dam

This is yet another gem among the waterfalls in Rhode Island. The White Rock Dam is located on the Pawcatuck River, which is a 34-mile river flowing between Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

You can enjoy a day of paddling through the river or enjoy a motorboat ride. You can continue rowing down the river to find Little Narragansett Bay to properly seep in the river feel in the town of Westerly. 

There are various water activities available that you can enjoy with your family, like kayaking and fishing, which makes the White Rock Dam a place to cherish.

The waterfalls mentioned above are some of the best waterfalls in Rhode Island. All these waterfalls are worth visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls In Rhode Island

How do you get to Stepstone Falls?

To get to Stepstone Falls, all you have to do is Turn West onto Route 165 or Ten Rod road from Route 3 or Nooseneck Hill road. After turning west, travel 5.2 miles and then take a right turn onto Escoheag Hill Road. After this, take a right turn in less than a mile at the red building to get to Plain Road. You will come across the parking area 1 mile down to your left.

Which state has the best waterfalls?

Rhode Island, a state in the New England region of the United States, has the best waterfalls. You can find many picturesque waterfalls in Rhode Island like Blackstone Dam in North Smithfield, Wolf Hill Quarry falls in Smithfield, Slater Mill dam in Pawtucket, Horseshoe Falls in Charlestown, Robin Hollow Pond Falls in Cumberland, and many more lovely waterfalls.

Where are there waterfalls in Rhode Island?

You can find many waterfalls distributed across the state of Rhode Island. You can find Stepstone Falls in West Greenwich, Pawtucket Falls in Pawtucket, White Rock Dam in Westerly, Wolf Hill Quarry falls in Smithfield, Robin Hollow Pond Falls in Cumberland, and many more waterfalls. If you are looking for some adventure around waterfalls, it is best to check out all the waterfalls that the state has to offer.

Where is the tallest waterfall in Georgia?

Amicalola Waterfalls, located in Amicalola Falls State Park, is the tallest waterfall in Georgia, standing at 729 feet. 

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