15 Best Waterfalls in Arkansas 

Arkansas is home to some of the most beautiful rolling hills, mesmerising landscapes, eye soothing waterfalls and so many other things that a person expects from a natural land. The state already is one of the best destinations for hiking, boating and even fishing.

The waterfalls present here are not only iconic but also provide the best kind of natural swimming pools to cool down in summers. Families can enjoy around these hidden gems, picnicking is the most picked up outdoor activity done by people here. People from various regions come to Arkansas to only see the waterfalls and explore around them.

Although some of the cascades are already famous among tourists, some of them are still lesser heard of. One can relax around them or indulge in adventure activities, the experience received here is always soulful no matter how you choose to spend your time. 

Here’s a list of 15 best waterfalls in Arkansas 

Cedar Falls 

Best Waterfalls in Arkansas
Credits : Thomas Ramsey, via Wikimedia Commons

Cedar falls is one of the most beautiful falls in the state and is located at the top of Petit Jean Mountain. The height of the falls is around 95 feet and it falls down into Cedar creek. The eye-catching rectangular shape of the falls throws a huge set of rainbow views that are absolutely astonishing. The 2.25 miles of trails to the falls is considered a moderate hike and needs no special skills. 

Cougar falls 

Best Waterfalls in Arkansas

Cougar falls is located in the Ozarks National Park close to the Leatherwood wilderness. It offers a spectacular view and various hike routes and the trail to the falls is around 1.2 miles from the parking spot. There are three other falls located near cougar falls that can be covered easily. This place is a perfect destination for hikers, families a day even solo Travellers. 

Dripping Spring Falls – Natural falls 

Dripping Spring Falls is situated in Natural falls state park and its height is around 77 feet. The scenic beauty provided by this waterfall just leaves people hypnotized. This place is also famous for being the site of the 1974 classic American film, where the red ferns grow. The bottom of the falls carry a variety of flora and fauna that is just another cherry on top. 

Eden falls 

Eden Falls
Credits: Brent, via Flicker

Eden falls is located in a narrow canyon in Buffalo National River Park and is also considered one of the most beautiful falls of Arkansas. The height of the falls is around 35 feet and is accessible all round. It can be reached by a short and moderate hike, the trail to the falls is itself a beauty. There is also a cave beneath the falls which is available for recreational caving. 

Falling waterfalls 

Falling waterfalls is located on the Falling water creek that breaks into a big pool where swimming is also allowed. It makes a wonderful swimming area in summers where people come to cool off. The waterfall is easily accessible and can be reached in no time. There is also parking available, one  and also take a walk around the falls to explore. Picnicking, swimming, and relaxation is all that one can indulge in. 

Forked mountain falls 

Credits : bobistraveling, via Wikimedia Commons

This one is situated in the lap of Forked mountain and its height is around 1350 feet. The exact location of Forked mountain falls is in the flatside wilderness of the Ouachita National Forest. It can be reached easily and the trail is around one mile from the campground. There is one more waterfall located near Forked mountain falls which can also be visited at the same time.

Glory Hole Falls 

Credits : Dameon Hudson, via Wikimedia Commons

It is advised to visit Glory Hole Falls either after rainfall or during winters when the water freezes into the ice curtain and it looks dreamy. The falls is located 6 miles from Fallsville in the upper Buffalo region. This place is very famous for beginners adventure activities and also makes a great outdoor destination for families. 

Hamilton Falls 

Hamilton Falls is located in the Big Piney Ranger District in the Ozark National Park. The waterfall comes under the Richland Creek Wilderness area and there are also two other waterfalls to check out in this region. The hike to the waterfall is 6 miles long and takes around 4 hours to reach. The trail is not very difficult but it does take some time to reach there. The best part about the hike is that it covers two other waterfalls lying in the same area. 

Hardy falls 

Hardy falls is actually known for a stone culvert that was built by an expert in 1930. The best view of the waterfall comes through this culvert. Hardy falls is around 6 miles from Mount magazine state park. The view here is stunning and the area around the waterfall is good for exploration purposes. It is a good spot to spend some time with nature. 

Haw Creek Falls 

Credits : trukdotcom, via Wikimedia Commons

Haw Creek Falls is a wide waterfall with a height of around 5 feet. It is located in the Haw Creek falls campground in the Ozark National forest and gives a spectacular view after it rains. The area around the falls is amazing for outdoor activities like picnicking, camping and exploring. The trail to this falls doesn’t need hiking, one can reach here by car. 


Credits: w:en:Formattc, via Wikimedia Commons

This one’s located on the Buffalo National River in the Ponca Wilderness and its height is around 209 feet. Hemmed-In-Hollow-Falls is the tallest waterfall between the Appalachian and the Rockies mountain. There are several trails that can be taken to reach here and one can also float to the falls from the river trailhead. It is a good spot to indulge in outdoor activities and adventure. 

High bank Twin Falls 

This falls is located between the towns of Cass and Ozone and it is around 70 feet tall. One can reach the falls by a mini hike from the highway and people of all skill levels can easily take the route. This place is very famous for hiking and fishing. One can also explore the wilderness if interested and the area is good for camping as well. 

Kings Bluff Falls 

Kings Bluff Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Ozarks and its height is around 116 feet. It is located in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area of Ozarks National Park. This area is well known for its stunning geologic formations and dense woods. It’s very good for hiking and other outdoor activities. The trail to reach this falls is short and easy and anyone can reach here. 

Kings River Falls

Credits : Brandonrush, Via Wikimedia Commons

It is located in the Kings River Falls Natural Area and set on the kings River. This area is very famous for diverse landscapes, steep Rocky slopes and a colorful shrub community. The trail to reach the falls is not very difficult and can be reached easily. It starts from the parking lot itself and runs parallel to Mitchell creek. 

Little Missouri Falls 

Little Missouri Falls is a small but very beautiful waterfall set on the upper area of the Little Missouri River and comes under Ouachita National Forest. The view is more spectacular in winter and spring months so, it’s better to visit the falls during this time. There is a very nice picnic site with restrooms available and a good parking spot as well. 

The bottom line 

Arkansas has more than 200 waterfalls that flow through the region. A lot of them are still undiscovered but offer the same amount of beauty and calmness. The areas around these waterfalls are good for everyone, whether you want to hike or relax, spend some time in nature or camp, everything can be done here. Most of these 15 best waterfalls in Arkansas are easily accessible and people of all skill types can reach them. They also provide a good area to explore the wilderness. 

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