15 Best Places To Live In Washington State

Best Places To Live In Washington State

Washington is a breathtaking place of stunningly beautiful landscapes, and it’s not unusual to find that its wilderness is believed to be a popular location for Bigfoot and has more than 600 Sasquatch sightings being reported.

It is also home to two volcanic eruptions – Mount St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. It is home to more glaciers than all the other states together. It also has the traditional Pacific Northwest terrain marked by the Cascades and a beautiful coastline.

On the flip side, Washington’s beauty and benefits of living here aren’t at a price. It’s a state that you might want to move to if your budget is filled because the overall cost of living can be somewhat high with prices for housing which many consider to be in the upper echelon.

Based on factors including violence, quality of the education system, availability of cheap housing, development, and prosperity, these are the best places to live in Washington state.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Seattle is the biggest metropolis in Washington, and being one of the more visited places located in Washington, Seattle is full of things worth doing. A visit to Pike Place Market, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Space Needle are just a few of the top things to do, but it doesn’t stop there.

There are live performances and a vibrant coffee scene. Discover distinctive bars, restaurants and beer breweries. Participate in festivals, and then stroll through the numerous neighbourhoods which provide an Emerald City with its flavour.

If you’re a fan of large city amenities, then you’ll be awed by Seattle. It’s a great location to stay when you take a hike in the nearby area or make excursions for a day to the other towns and cities in Washington state.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

The tech-savvy will be aware of Redmond as the city that is home to Microsoft, which is the biggest employer in the town. Redmond is home to 58,000 residents. It was ranked by Niche.com as the best spot to reside in Washington.

It is located in an ideal location, which is only 16 miles away from the state’s capital city of Seattle and owning a residence here can cost $485,100 on average.

Redmond is the location of the most well-known park located in King County, Marymoor Park, which covers an area of 640 acres and is used as a place for picnics, sporting events, festival music, bike trails, and much more.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

The largest city in the northern part of Washington is a vibrant college town with an exciting outdoor scene.

Bellingham is near the Canadian frontier, Mount Baker, and the North Cascades National Park, and it is also an important hub for ferry services going to Alaska. Take a hike, take in the picturesque Chuckanut Drive, bike through beautiful trails, or head to mountain ranges for winter activities.

If you’d rather be close to the urban centre, take your time strolling around the cute Fairhaven neighbourhood. Additionally, take a look around Bellingham’s museums downtown and craft breweries such as Wander Brewing and Aslan Brewing Company.

Port Angeles

Best Places To Live In Washington State

A perfect city to explore the marvels that are the Olympic National Park and spend time in the water.

Port Angeles is a small city located in the western part of Washington. Because it’s located right in the middle of the water, there are a variety of ways to take advantage of the water. Participate in an annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival or stroll along the picturesque Ediz Hook, or take the ferry ride to Victoria, B.C.

Another benefit of the city is that it’s just 7 miles from Olympic National Park, the most stunning spot in Washington state. Experience the park’s forests, as well as the mountains and beaches, is a favourite thing to do while visiting. Take a hike up Hurricane Ridge for jaw-dropping views, or head to Lake Crescent to picnic, camp or take a dip.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Certain areas of Washington aren’t cheap to live in, and finding a place that offers low house prices and a low crime rate is challenging. In terms of a “good affordable option” in Washington, we can’t find a better option to win that prize than the enigmatic Richland.

Golf is very popular in the region, with four golf courses offering an average of 63 holes in the city.

Like most places in the Evergreen State, There are numerous parks in Richland, particularly in the Columbia and Yakima Rivers. Any park-related activity you can imagine can be found in Richland, including bird watching as well as salmon fishing, boating, water sports cycling, golfing, biking, you name it.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Spokane is considered to be Eastern Washington’s most vibrant city. It’s the second-largest in the state, with a wide array of cafes, bars and breweries with a warm and welcoming vibe a little reminiscent of the Midwest. It is indeed one of the best places to live in Washington state.

Riverfront Park and Manito Park are the main tourist destinations in the city. You can expect beautiful landscapes, festivals, and events for the community at both. Day excursions to nearby cities, as well as charming Washington towns such as Spokane Valley, Moses Lake, Grand Coulee, and Coulee City, are worthwhile.

Eastern Washington has a different climate than West Washington, and, therefore, Spokane has a lower chance of rain in the winter, as well as more temperature. In the traditional Pacific Northwest fashion, Spokane is an ideal spot to enjoy outdoor activities. Mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding are the most popular of Spokane’s most-loved things to do.

Bainbridge Island

Best Places To Live In Washington State

The town is located in Kitsap County; Bainbridge Island is the best example of the Pacific Northwest scenery. The city of 23,400 inhabitants was once deemed by CNN as being the second-best location for a home in the nation.

There isn’t much that has changed. The remote suburb of Seattle remains true to its name with a large diversity and a bustling online business network.

Bainbridge Island has an A-one public school system that offers a variety of outdoor activities for families, such as fishing, hiking, sailing, Little League baseball and numerous other activities.

The value of homes is a reflection of the high cost of living, which is $548,100 (with some reaching the $3 million threshold. On the other hand, residents can have high incomes (slightly over 100,000 per family).


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Vancouver is among the biggest metropolitan areas in Oregon. It is also the entry point to the spectacular scenery that is part of the Columbia River Gorge region. The city is often overlooked because of its proximity to Portland, Oregon. However, Vancouver is an exciting, safe and historic city that is full of interesting activities.

For those who are interested in history, they can discover how the city served as a stopping place in the journey of Lewis and Clark. Fort Vancouver and the Clark County Historical Museum are both excellent places to explore the city’s history.

Find local events and entertainment happening at Esther Short Park. Visit Waterfront Park for dining and activities. If you’re looking to be adventurous, take a trip to The Columbia River Gorge and Mount St Helens. Both are great places to enjoy beautiful wildflower treks.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Olympia can be described as Washington state’s capital. It is located in the south of Puget Sound. One of the top activities to experience during your visit to Olympia is to go to Olympia’s Capitol Campus and the Legislative Building, which are open to tours throughout the day.

The historic district that is nearby is also worth a trip. The walkable district is filled with great restaurants, bars, and distinct shops. Visit Percival Landing Park, too! The well-maintained waterfront park features sculptures, walking trails, and beautiful views.

Olympia puts a lot of emphasis on purchasing local products and supporting local artisans. One of the best places to observe the process in action is markets for the local farmers. In this market, you will meet the friendly people of the city.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Sammamish is an urban area within King County bordered by Lake Sammamish, which is home to 50,200 residents. Home.

The cost of living is higher than in Redmond, with the median property value at $609,600. The town has grown from its rural roots to become an enviable suburb located close to Seattle.

The Sammamish Commons area guarantees acres of outdoor entertainment, including trails and wetlands golf courses, as well as sites for festivals like Shakespeare in the Park.

In the end, There is no doubt that Sammamish is often regarded among the top locations to raise your household in Washington.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Yakima is an American city located in central Washington, often referred to as”the “Palm Springs of Washington.” It is blessed with about 300 sunny days per year and is surrounded by many of the best fertile terrain throughout the entire region.

Visit Yakima to sample fresh beers as well as wine and produce. You’ll want to make an excursion to the Fresh Hop Ale Fest. The majority of hops grown in the USA are cultivated in Yakima, and that means that there are plenty of options for the most avid beer drinkers at the festival.

There is a lot to do in the Yakima Valley, and it is also filled with opportunities for outdoor adventures. There are numerous opportunities for fishing, rafting or hiking, as well as biking. This makes it an ideal spot for adventure seekers.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

A lively college town that is famous for its highly-rated rodeo as well as its charming, historic downtown.

Ellensburg is considered to be one of the fun cities of central Washington. Its college provides it with an older feel, and you can find bars, shops and restaurants that cater to everyone within the downtown region.

Visit the historical structures as well as the historical museum to find out the city’s history as the capital of the state. Capitol. Also, visit the city during its largest event, that of the Ellensburg Rodeo, which is one of the most prestigious rodeos across the nation.

Ellensburg is also famous for its windy, chilly weather. Experience the thrill of being close to wind turbines, and find out the way this energy source can be harnessed in the Wild Horse Renewable Energy Center. Wild Horse Renewable Energy Center.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

The Tri-Cities region is home to more than three major cities; however, Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland are the major cities that fall under the Tri-Cities umbrella. The Tri-Cities region is located in the southeast of Washington and connects at the junction of the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima Rivers.

Within the Tri-Cities area, you’ll find excellent wines, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of options for tasty Mexican food trucks and tacos. With a warmer climate and its position on the waters, there are plenty of opportunities to go out. Try fishing, paddleboarding or a stroll up into Palouse Falls, which is one of the most spectacular falls located in Washington state.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Pullman is one of the towns with 31,500 inhabitants that is located within Whitman County on the southeast side of Washington.

What draws residents to the scenic Pullman is its affordable cost of living in comparison to the benefits it provides the following: low crime rates and a wide variety of eateries stores, entertainment and shopping options, excellent education, and an abundance of options for outdoor pursuits.

Pullman is the home of Washington State University, where about 22,000 students are in the program. It is also home to the University of Idaho and is also only a few minutes away. Pullman is located close to an Idaho border, which is located opposite Moscow, Idaho.

If you’re in search of an area that isn’t too expensive and has a college-like vibe with numerous parks and natural spaces, Pullman is an excellent option.


Best Places To Live In Washington State

Anacortes is located at the northern end of Fidalgo Island. Although it’s the place you’ll go to take the ferry across to San Juan Island, San Juan Islands, the city is far more than a mere pass-through point.

Downtown Anacortes is charming yet beautiful and has a variety of eateries and cafes, as well as an ever-growing music scene that keeps things alive. The city is situated against Puget Sound; the city is an ideal spot to kayak and go whale watching during the summertime. You can also take a fishing charter rental for a trip out to catch fresh fish for dinner.

The majority of the hiking trails and parks that are on the island are accessible throughout the year. Other cities and towns, such as Oak Harbor and Coupeville, are easily accessible on an excursion for a day.


In the end, Washington State offers a variety of amazing areas to live in, each with its own distinct appeal and appeal. In this article, we’ve explored the 15 best places to live in Washington state and have taken into account aspects like high quality of life and natural beauty, as well as economic possibilities and a sense of community.

From the lively urban vibe that is in Seattle to the beautiful nature of Bellingham, Washington offers something for anyone. The state’s varied geography offers many options regardless of whether you like the vibrant city scene as well as the peace and quiet of small cities, or the peace of the countryside.

Seattle is a thriving city with a thriving work market, rich culture and breathtaking natural surroundings.

If you’re looking to get away from the bustle and hustle, towns such as Bellingham, Spokane, and Olympia provide beautiful nature, opportunities for recreation and an underlying sense of belonging. 

In the end, Washington State offers an amazing array of options for living that each have their distinctive character and advantages. Whatever of these top 15 locations to reside in Washington State you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll have a vibrant community, beautiful natural surroundings, and a great standard of living.

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