10 Pretty Waterfalls In Rhode Island

1. Blackstone Dam, North Smithfield

The Blackstone River was at the heart of the industrial revolution and had several dams built in Rhode Island and Massachusetts during the 19th century for powering industries such as timber, leather, ore, and metal production.

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2. Wolf Hill Quarry Falls, Smithfield

The waterfall is located on Mountaindale Road and its flow is dependent on season, with spring (after snowmelt or heavy rain) being the ideal time for a visit.

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3. Cascade Brook Falls, Smithfield

Cascade Brook waterfall, a 12-foot tall horsetail-shaped fall in the Ken Weber Conservation Area, makes a strong claim for being one of Rhode Island's most beautiful.

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4. Slater Mill Dam, Pawtucket

Slater Mill, a famous National Historic Site from the late 18th century, marks the start of industrial development and is considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

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5. Pawtucket Falls, Pawtucket

Pawtucket Falls sit half a mile upstream from the confluence of the Blackstone and Seekonk Rivers.

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6. Horseshoe Falls, Charlestown

The  quaint falls in the village of Shannock are located on the Pawtucket River. The gentle water flow creates a soft sound, unlike the former sounds of brick factories and a fabric company, which closed 50 years ago.

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7. Harrisville Falls, Burrillville

Harrisville is a charming village in Burrillville, known for its popular local hiking trails.

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8. Round Top Brook, Burrillville

Burrillville, located in northern Rhode Island, is renowned for its fishing. Round Top Brook, a state-controlled area stocked with trout, attracts not just waterfall enthusiasts, but also fishermen.

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9. Wyoming Dam, Richmond

This semicircular waterfall is tucked away from crowds yet still accessible. The water flows from Wood River into Wyoming Pond before cascading over the dam.

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10. Robin Hollow Pond Falls, Cumberland

Robin Hollow Pond Falls are among the most stunning in Rhode Island. After parking, you can admire the retaining gates that form the pond and release the water over stone from Cumberland Mills Bridge.

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