10 Best Waterfalls In West Virginia

Blackwater Falls - a 57-foot waterfall that cascades into a gorge, offering stunning views and hiking trails.

Cathedral Falls - a 60-foot waterfall that flows into the Gauley River, surrounded by lush greenery and picnic areas.

Elakala Falls - a series of four waterfalls that offer a picturesque hike through the forest.

Sandstone Falls - the largest waterfall on the New River, spanning 1,500 feet and offering panoramic views.

Falls of Hills Creek - a three-tiered waterfall that offers a challenging hike and stunning views.

Cranberry Glades Botanical Area - a unique area with several small waterfalls and a boardwalk trail through a bog.

Kanawha Falls - a powerful waterfall that spans the Kanawha River, offering fishing and boating opportunities.

Pipestem Resort State Park - home to several waterfalls, including the 25-foot Mill Creek Falls and the 63-foot Long Branch Falls.

Valley Falls State Park - a 18-foot waterfall that flows into the Tygart Valley River, surrounded by hiking trails and picnic areas.

Coopers Rock State Forest - home to several waterfalls, including the 12-foot Henry Clay Iron Furnace Falls and the 20-foot Cheat River Falls.

New River Gorge National River - home to several waterfalls, including the 30-foot Butcher Branch Falls and the 50-foot Upper Falls.