10 Best Campsites in France 

Les Castels Chateau de Lez Eaux

In Normandy This campsite is situated within an estate that was a castle in the 12th century. It has the lake, a river, and stunning grounds.

Le Village Tropical Sen Yan

It is located inside The Aquitaine zone, this camp is a paradise for the tropical featuring a water park tennis courts, as well as many other activities.

Camping Le Capeyrou

Located in the middle of the Dordogne Valley, this campsite provides breathtaking panoramic views over the river as well as all the countryside surrounding it.

La Croix du Vieux Pont

This campsite is situated within the Picardy region. It has the lake, a pool spa, and a range of family-friendly activities.

Camping de la Plage

It is located within the Brittany region, this camp is just a few feet distance from the sea it is also surrounded gorgeous countryside.

Camping Le Soleil

Camping Le Soleil is situated along the Mediterranean coast and has breathtaking views of the sea as well as the Pyrenees.

Domaine des Ormes

Located in Brittany the campsite is situated in a castle estate dating to the 16th century and has an 18-hole golf course a lake park, as well as a range of recreational activities.

Camping Le Vieux Port

Situated in the Aquitaine region, this camp is close to the beach and offers the water park, spa, and many other activities.

Camping Les Sablons

located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region this camp is located right at the beach and includes a water park as well as a spa and many other activities.


The campsite is situated within the Aquitaine region. It has an aquatic park, a spa, as well as a wide range of family-friendly activities.